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DAO4Sync Mobile Edition Nokia Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

Establishes a local hard drive representing your mobile data. A Synchronization engine keeps the data in balance.
DAO4Sync Mobile Edition is the perfect integration for your mobile’s data in to your PC’s desktop world. DAO4Sync Mobile Edition establishes a local drive representing your mobile data. Your PC’s operation system will recognize the DAO4Sync Drive as a normal hard drive medium.

All applications of your daily work will work directly with your mobiles data,
like Windows Explorer, text processing, virus scanner, backup/restore, security, folder network sharing etc. You save your work in the application you are using and it will be transparently stored immediately on to your mobile?s storage.
DAO4Sync Mobile Edition has the huge advantage of not needing continuously connection to your mobile. Work as long you need offline to your mobile and balance your data in a final step.

There is no sudden disappearing of your mobile’s data disk when you are
getting disconnected to your mobile. DAO4Sync contains a Synchronization Engine which will keep your data within your DAO4Sync Drive and your mobile in balance. You can work with DAO4Sync connected or disconnected to your mobile. When DAO4Sync is connected to your mobile the files will be synchronized directly from or to your mobile?s memory regardless the application you are using.

Based on the integration as a real drive a lot of usage scenarios are possible, following are only a small sight:
? Use the DAO4Sync Drive to work surely as possible with your mobile?s data,
transparently with application of your choice.
? Share your mobiles data easily to others, intranet or internet.
? Work connected or disconnected to your mobile. Your data will be
synchronized automatically.

ยท Support only for Nokia connectivity solution coming with the Nokia PC Suite Software

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