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JuiceDrop IPhone Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

A utility that allows you to painlessly upload any files to your iPhone
JuiceDrop is a useful tool that will help you transfer various files into your iPhone device using a simple drag and drop operation. No Wi-Fi required! You can configure the mapping for file types you drag on and appropriate folders on the device.
Here are some key features of “JuiceDrop”:

Quick & Easy:
· Upload the file to your iPhone as easy as connecting the device via USB cable and then dropping the file you want onto JuiceDrop window or icon (to show the window on Microsoft Windows, press Alt+Z first). Easy as that!

Customize For Your Files:
· You can easily customize JuiceDrop to upload different kinds of files to different directories on your iPhone — we have included a few presets to give you a headstart! Put pictures in the Wallpapers folder, dictionaries in Dictionaries and books in BookLibrary – the way you want it.

No Jailbreak Needed:
· JuiceDrop does not requires jailbreaking your iPhone to function – it uses the same protocols as iTunes.

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