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A digital photo album tool designed with mobile phone photographers and bloggers in mind
Lifeblog is a digital photo album tool designed with mobile phone photographers and bloggers in mind. Nokia Lifeblog phone and PC software will automatically organize your digital media between your mobile phone and PC so you can view, edit, search and share your images and messages.

What you can do with Lifeblog:
· PC-phone: Effortlessly copy content between PC and phone – in both directions. As Lifeblog keeps track of changes you make to items, there is no risk of overwriting wrong files when copying them between your PC and phone.
· Import: Import multimedia from other sources than your phone by just dragging and dropping folders or files from your PC into Lifeblog Timeline.
· Show: All supported content types ? including text messages, multimedia, images and videos – are placed on the Lifeblog Timeline. You can zoom and browse this multimedia collage, allowing you to relive your past life. You can also view items in full screen, making it perfect for gathering friends and family around the PC or phone. Since all items are presented in chronological order, following message conversations is easy.
· Filtering and search: Display only a subset of your items by filtering the Timeline based on item type, if it is a favorite or not, text content in your items, tags and more. With Lifeblog’s unique and fast search, you will rapidly find those precious items and even discover items you forgot existed!
· Edit: Rotate images on the fly and edit text notes. For more advanced editing, Lifeblog allows you to open items on the Timeline with other applications installed on your PC.
· Tag and annotate: Attaching descriptions, content tags and location tags to your Lifeblog multimedia items is easy. Descriptions and tags are included in the Lifeblog search and can be used to filter the Timeline in a second.
· Automatic location information: Unlike conventional digital cameras, your Lifeblog phone registers the mobile network area every time an item is created, received or sent on the phone. Later, on the PC, it is easy just to show items from the same location ? without any effort from your side. Lifeblog can also automatically attach location tags specified by you to items created in the same mobile network area. Tagging your multimedia has never been easier and more fun!
· Share: Send items by e-mail, post items to your weblog, print images ? all of this is possible with Lifeblog. With Lifeblog mobile application, you can also reply to messages and even make calls to senders of messages.
· Safekeeping: Transferring mobile content to your PC not only frees up memory space on your phone, but it also keeps the content safe on your PC. As an extra precaution, Lifeblog also allows you to make backups of all your data on CD-ROMs, DVDs or other disks.

Extra features for Nokia Nseries phones:
· Free of charge and exclusive
· New flexible sync approach
· Windows-style user interface
· Audio annotations (from phone only)
· Search by calendar entry, location or contact detail
· Configurable automatic delete
· Undo/redo commands
· Local printing capability
· Editing via external applications
· 4 new languages


· 1 GHz Intel Pentium or equivalent, 128 MB RAM
· 400 MB of available hard disk space (if DirectX and PC Suite need to be installed)
· Graphics capability 1024×768 and 24bit color
· 32MB Graphics Card
· USB port or Bluetooth wireless connection (to connect to phone)
· Microsoft DirectX 9.0 software (installed if not already present)
· Nokia PC Suite

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