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Send File Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

Send File – send any file to Ericsson mobile.
SendFile allows you to send any file to an Ericsson mobile phone.

You can drag and drop file to Ericsson SendFile or use command line, as well as Explorer SendTo menu. Tested with SonyEricsson T68i and Bluetooth connection.

Here are some key features of “Send File”:

· MP3 music (*.mp3)
· GIF and JPG pictures
· E-Melody (*.emy), I-Melody (*.imy) and MIDI (*.mid) melodies
· vNotes and vToDo
· Themes (*.thm)
· Any other files is supported by the mobile


· Ericsson mobile phone with OBEX Support
· Irda/Bluetooth/Cable connection.

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