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Smart Remote Nokia Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

Smart Remote allows you real time remote control of your mobile from the PC.
Smart Remote allows you real-time remote control of your mobile from your PC.

User-friendly navigation, all possible connection ways with autoconnect feature for BT and Cable, zoom, video capturing and quick text functions make this software a bestseller.

Here are some key features of “Smart Remote”:

· Quick Navigation from your PC – You can view the screen of the mobile on the PC in real time and have full access to your mobile phone. Every button on the mobile corresponds to some key on your keyboard. You can customize the key settings as you wish, there are no restrictions.
· Zoom Function – Screen of the mobile phone is zoomed so that all details can be viewed.
· Connection via CableGPRSBluetooth – Smart Remote can connect PC and mobile using following connection ways: Cable, Bluetooth or GPRS. Note: Smart Remote does not support Bluetooth connection on Nokia N70
· Quick Text, Video Capturing, Screenshots Capturing Features – You can enter text, like SMS or mails, in the field “Quick Text” and this text will be sent to the mobile via Quick Text function.. Further you can capture video and save screenshots as a picture using Smart Remote.


· 15-days trial

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