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UnrealPlayer UIQ Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Tools for Windows

UnrealPlayer UIQ – Symbian mp3 player for Sony Ericsson
UnrealPlayer is an advanced audio player for SonyEricsson P800/P900.

It supports MP3 and Ogg Vorbis audio formats, has a lot of features, including playlists, skins, timeslider, etc.

More over, it operates in both flip modes, opened and closed as well. It’s a nice looking and user-friendly player. You could give it a try.

Here are some key features of “UnrealPlayer UIQ”:

· Pause/resume playback during an active call;
· Seek next/previous song by JogDial (away/towards) during playback with closed flip;
· Adding multiple files into a playlist at once;
· Manual reordering songs in a playlist;
· Randomizing playback of a playlist

See Demo – Download – Visit Author Site

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