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The iRingtunes was designed to be a very easy to use iPhone ringtone creator.
The iRingtunes was designed to be a very easy to use iPhone ringtone creator.

You can easily create ringtones for your iPhone from any unprotected songs in your entire iTunes library.
Here are some key features of “iRingtunes”:

· Easy to Use
· Ringtones for your iPhone are created with the simple click of a button.
· Ringtones from any song in iTunes
· Ringtones for your iPhone can be created from any unprotected song in your iTunes library. Protected songs (songs purchased from the iTunes Music Store) cannot be used to create ringtones.
· No Limit
· There is no limit to the number of ringtones you can create for your iPhone.
· Complete Freedom
· You have complete freedom to create ringtones from any part of the song. Ringtones can be created from 1 to 40 seconds in length.


· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
· iTunes 7.0 or later
· iPhone and iPhone 3G


· 15 days trial
· Nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Version 2.0.1
· Due to how Apple created the interface to iTunes, we have limited the rigntone length from 40 seconds to 39 seconds. The iPhone does not allow ringtones to be any longer than 40 seconds. And, with the way the iTunes interface works, we have found that when we tell iTunes to create a clip of the song of 40 seconds long, it will sometimes create it slightly longer (something like 40.045 seconds). In these cases, iTunes will refuse to then copy the ringtone to the iPhone. To prevent this from happening, we have limited the length to 39 seconds so if iTunes goes a few miliseconds longer we will still be under the 40 second limit.

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