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1cleanup – keep your privacy while surfing the Internet by erasing your tracks
1CleanUp is a tool which give you privacy by cleaning up your Internet tracks and to speed-up your computer performance by recovering your valuable disk space.

It deletes unwanted, Zero length files. Each time you use your computer your Internet tracks and unwanted files are created which chocks the disk access pipes hence slowing down the computer.

If these files remain in your computer, it reduces the speed/performance – you may be sitting on a Pentium 4 machine while getting an output of a Pentium I.

1CleanUp has a user-friendly interface through which you can scan your computer for such scraps, unwanted and temporary Internet files.

It not only saves your disk space by deleting Useless files and Internet tracks but also keeps your computer on its peak performance.

1CleanUp analyzes your hard disk for unneeded files including Zero Length Files, Folders, Recently accessed files, Dead Shortcuts, Bookmarks, Cache of Internet browsers which includes cookies, Internet history and temporary files.

Protect your Privacy and Optimize your Computer by using this small handy software. It is fast, easy to use and customizable and supports Windows 95 or higher.


· Unneeded Files: Over the time, when you install different software or do some other work, temporary files are created that cease to be of use after a while. Also, there may be some file types that you no longer require. The easiest way to have them removed from your computer is by using 1Cleanup.

All you need to do is specify the file type by clicking the Options button provided on the toolbar or that in the File menu. A list of files that are created temporarily on the computer is provided by default.

You may choose to Remove some of the listed options or simply uncheck them. You may also Add… some other file types of your choice. For your convenience a Description of File Types is also provided.

You can get a list of contents of the Windows Temporary Folder also. Zero l
ength files and folders are automatically included by 1Cleanup. If you decide to uncheck all the file types then only the zero length files would be searched for.

· Recent Documents: Recent documents are those files that have been accessed recently by a computer user. These are stored in the Recent folder separately maintained by Windows for each user on that computer.
The ten most recent of these are displayed in Start Menu -> Documents. You may want to remove these files for privacy reasons. All you need to do is find these files and then delete them all by a single click or select some of them for removal to the Recycle Bin.

· Favorites and Bookmarks: Internet Explorer maintains a Favorites folder for each computer user which allows to keep track of Web sites or pages that you like so it is easy to open them in future.
These bookmarks created and stored overtime by the user can easily be deleted. 1Cleanup will only clean the list that belongs to the user that is currently logged into the computer.

· Internet Explorer Cache: 1Cleanup helps you cover your surfing trails and tracks by removing all references and information that is maintained by the Internet Explorer. This includes Temporary Internet Files.
The Temporary Internet Files folder is the location on your hard disk where Web pages and files (such as graphics) are stored as you view them. This speeds up the display of pages you frequently visit or have already seen, because Internet Explorer can open them from your hard disk instead of from the Web.

You can view these files without being connected to the Internet. Internet Explorer is set up to allow the creation of Cookies. Cookies contain information about you and your preferences. It includes the information that you provide, or the choices you make while visiting a Web site.
Also, you can find Web sites and pages you’ve viewed in the last few days, hours, or minutes. Their list is stored in the History folder maintained by the Internet Explorer.
All these tracks are left by the Internet Explorer that reveal your surfing habits. For keeping your privacy, it is very important that you have them removed.

Using 1Cleanup, you may choose to remove all these tracks at once or view each of the three kinds of files separately before deleting any of them, by selecting the Filter.
In the preview displayed by the program, clicking on any file provides information about it such as its size, date and time it was last accessed/modified, date of expiry, and hit rate. You can also deleted Internet Cache, History and Cookies maintained by Netscape and Opera.
· Dead Shortcuts: Over the time, you may create shortcuts to files or folders and later have these files moved to some other location or have them deleted. In such cases the dead shortcuts unnecessarily clutter the computer. 1Cleanup removes all the dead shortcuts that may exist anywhere in your computer.


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