abylon LOGON Security Related Security for Windows

Protect your computer with a smartcard or an USB-Token
abylon LOGON offers abylonsoft a useful, flexible and simple possibility of the Logon at your computer. You can register any certificate smartcard, an USB-Token (e. g. Aladdin eToken) or alternatively also an ‘EC MoneyCard’ (with chip) and ‘Health Insurance Cards’.

After insert your ‘EC MoneyCard’ or ‘Health Insurance Card’ into the smartcard READER, the Logon occurs completely automatically. With certificate-based tokens (certificate smartcard or USB-Token) you must enter only your appropriate certificate password. According to the option, the computer ‘Looked’, ‘Look out’ or ‘Shut down’ after removing the smartcard.

Supported standards:
? CAPI (Microsoft Crypt API),
? PKCS#7 (Cryptographic Message Syntax Standard)
? PKCS#11 (Cryptographic Token Interface Standard)
? PKCS#12 (Personal Information Exchange Syntax)
? RC4, 3DES …
? X.509 v3 Certificates
? SCard-API
? CT32.DLL
? Microsoft certificate database
Here are some key features of “abylon LOGON”:

· Support of certificate-based smartcards, USB-Token (e. g. Aladdin eToken)
· Check Revocationlist-status
· Other supported smartcards are ‘ec-cards’ (with chip) and ‘health insurance cards’
· During the removing of the smartcard, the computer are ‘Looked’, ‘Look out’ or ‘Shut down’
· Several smartcards for a user possible
· Creating of account during the abylon LOGON or in the simulation mode possible
· Simulation of the abylon LOGON procedure
· Log file


· 30 days trial period
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Supported EEPROM Chipcards; Random-Password and Automatic Update

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