abylon SHAREDDRIVE Encrypting Security for Windows

A tool that willprotect your data against illegal access
The abylon SHAREDDRIVE (encrypted data drive) will completely integrate itself in the MS File Explorer and is shown there as an independent drive. The general functions of the File Explorer are supported, as for example open, copy and paste.

In each case the stored file was encrypted (Blowfish – 448 bit / AES – 256 bits) on the hard disc without any additional operation for the user. The encrypted data can be stored on the local computer, on a network computer or a FTP server, which are administrate with the connection manager. The data transfer between server and client is encrypted and the data will be decoded on the client only. Special software is not necessary on the server.

The access rights of the encrypted drives is controlled with a password (SYMM-System) or X.509 certificates (HYBRID-System, PKCS, RSA). An additional safety offers the masking of the original file names with random numbers.

Only the entitled person see the correct file name in the File Explorer. Furthermore the abylon SHAREDDRIVE is especially secure in case of computer crashes. Always only the needed file is opened and all other data stored encrypted on the hard drive.

The possible data loss is reduced to a minimum by that. After the restart of the computer the temporary files list is always cleaned thoroughly honest. Through the individual encryption and storing of every individual file the abylon SHAREDDRIVE reduced the transfer volume and memory space in case of backup operations.
Here are some key features of “abylon SHAREDDRIVE”:

· Automatic encryption of files
· Encryption with Blowfish (448 bit) or AES-algorithm (256 bit)
· Supporting of the asymmetric (HYBRID-System) and the symmetric encryption (SYMM-System)
· In case of the SYMM-System the access rights are controlled with passwords, ‘EC MoneyCard’ (with chip) or ‘Health Insurance Cards’
· In case of the HYBRID-System the access rights are controlled with X.509 certificates (smartcard and USB-Token support)
· Perfect integration in the MS file explorer as drive
· The encrypted data can be stored on the local computer, on a network computer or a FTP server (NOTE Tested only on Microsoft Servers / Quickness connection necessary)
· Per computer several SHAREDDRIVE can be arranged
· The data transfer between the server and client via the network or Internet is always encoded
· Special software is not necessary on the server
· The original file names are masked with a random numbers
· Several users can access one SHAREDDRIVE simultaneously
· Display of opened files
· The authorizations can be administrate with certificates
· Disk space requirement only depend of the size of the files
· Maximum size of the drive only dependent on disk capacity
· Crash Protection: Decrypting only of the needed files and cleaning of the temporary file list after reboot
· Only small backup resource needed


· Processor: Pentium or compatible
· Working memory: 256 MByte RAM
· Free disc storage: Approx 25 MByte
· Smartcard reader and smartcard or USB Token (optional)


· 30 days trial
· Nag screen
· Importing settings (XML) is disabled
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Anti-Keylogger functions “PasswordScrambler”
· and “Image-Input” (Bild-Eingabe)
· Automatical Update; div.

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