Access Lock Security Related Security for Windows

Prevents users from gaining access to Microsoft Access database code.
This application is great for Access Database Developers. An Access database developer knows holding the shift key down when starting an Access database allows the F11 key to show the database tables, forms, queries, reports and modules.

This cool little app will disable that back door ability. It will lock out users by disabling the F11 key (Show DB window), Shift key (By Pass key) on startup and two others. If you always wanted to have a lock tight database to keep users from getting to your source code then Access Lock is for you.

Access Lock can lock or unlock these features with a few clicks of the mouse button. In addition, Access Lock comes in two flavors, EXE and OCX in a single package. Access Lock can be incorporated into applications that are ActiveX compliant.

This one is a large file because it includes the Mdac_typ.exe file, which is over 7mb by itself. It was included with the setup because most users today have high speed internet connections and this file really won’t be an issue to download at high speeds.


· 21 days trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added the ability to open a database with the selected version of MS Access. A combobox was added to the main form to allow an MS Access version to be selected. In addition, a new form was added to manage the directory path where the MS Access versions reside on the users hard drive.
· Fixed the drag and drop issue. After dragging and dropping a database file, sometimes, it could not be opened by clicking the Open Database command button.

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