Active Cleaner Secure cleaning Security for Windows

It protects your online and offline privacy by removing tracks of your internet activity
Active Cleaner protects your online and offline privacy by secure removing tracks of your activity: IE history, cookies, cache, autocomplete, recent documents list, search history in P2P-clients and other programs, etc. The program also cleans your hard d

The program can clean up using a hotkey, when you close a browser or any other program or any time you want.


· 15 days trial

Here are some key features of “Active Cleaner”:

· -Eliminate Evidence – eliminates tracks of internet activity
· -Save Disk Space – You don’t need to purchase a new hard drive if your current one is full. Try to remove all junk and temporary files
· – Keyloggers, Worms and Spyware Won’t Pass! When they install themselves, they silently change startup settings, so Windows will load malicious software at startup. But Active Cleaner includes Startup Protector, so you will be notified about change in settings, and asked to allow or forbid this change.
· -No homepage changes


· 30 days trial

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