Advanced File Security Pro Security Related Security for Windows

Will securely and reliably protect any type of data against unauthorized access
Advanced File Security Pro will securely and reliably protect any type of data against unauthorized access.

Therefore it’s using the world-wide standardized, fast and very safe encryption algorihm AES.
Very simple to use. Only a user password is required for encrypting data

AFS is usable with all kind of storage types, like hard-drives, CD/DVD, discette, USB Sticks etc., but also usable for secure data transfer via eMail.
Here are some key features of “Advanced File Security Pro”:

· Create encrypted archives – (95%)
· Compress files and archives – (0%)
· Secure Password-Transmission – (00%)
· Save En-/Decryptions – (1000%)
· Wildcard-Search of files/folders/paths – (95%)
· Filter of files types/extensions – (95%)
· Secure delete of files with various methods (e.g Gutmann, Schneier, VSITR, US DoD) – (95%)
· Selfextracting encrypted files/archives – (90%)
· Encryption of files and folders
· AES Encryption-Algorithm (256 Bit)
· Key-Extension for higher security
· Load saved encryptions
· Complete context menu support
· Optional background mode
· Optional shutdown function
· Also usable without Installation
· Simple and easy usage
· Detailed Help & Support


· 15 days trial

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