Advanced Privacy Protector Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Advanced Privacy Protector – Protects the privacy on your computer
When you surf on Internet, your computer tracks your activity on Internet. Advanced Privacy Protector software protects your internet privacy by removing your Internet records and other temporary internet files from your computer.

Deleting your browser cache and history will not protect you! All other records from Internet stay on your computer unsafe! Anyone who uses your computer can see what internet websites you’ve visited.

Advanced Privacy Protector software deletes all your temporary html pages, which was downloaded from Internet, pictures and url history records. So, it’s safe your privacy!Advanced Privacy Protector supports clearing of following: browser cookies, temporary internet files (html pages and pics which you are visited), browser history records, typed internet urls, autocomplete field forms.

Advanced Privacy Protector software allows delete your Documents folders and anything choosen folders for deleting or moving. Also it protect your default HomePage of your internet browser from improperly changing. All deleting of files will be with overwriting of your deleted files with random data. It’s do not allow ‘Unerase’ utilities recovery this files. Safe your privacy with Advanced Privacy Protector Now!

Here are some key features of “Advanced Privacy Protector”:

· Deleting of all internet activity history
· Protection via deleting files with overwriting with random data
· Possiblity to delete/move different folders
· Starting with windows


· 30 days and 30 executions

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