Afick Security Related Security for Windows

Monitor your filesystem for changes and detect intrusions with Afick
Afick is a security utility that monitors your computer’s file systems for changes alerting you of any intrusions.

The goal of an file integrity checker is to show what change on your disk.
It’s intesting for 2 purposes :
Software management
· I you do not use a package manager (such as rpm, on linux), it is difficult to know what is installed by a software, and to uninstall it properly.
· Windows, where dll changes are hidden and often cause problems.
Intrusion control
· Checking for trojans or viruses

Here are some key features of “Afick”:

· Portable without any change to all common operating systems (windows, unix …)
· Easy install : no need to compile or to install many others tools
· Fast
· Display new/deleted/modified files
· Display dangling links
· May be used by any user
· Any number of base and config
· Config file with exceptions and jokers
· Configuration file syntaxe close from aide’s one


· ActiveState ActivePerl

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