ALSEDI PGuard Secure cleaning Security for Windows

PGuard is a easy-to-use tool for protecting information about your activity
PGuard is a easy-to-use application for protecting information about your activity on Internet and on your PC. PGuard deletes all activity tracks of internet browsers, Microsoft Windows and other software on your PC.

PGuard deletes all activity traces remaining on yours computer after each working session with different programs.

Information after each visit of Internet sites stores by internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox. This information allows to find out all visited sites and entered passwords and form data. All these traces are erasing completely by PGuard.

PGuard erases old files in recycle bin and unused temporary files that creates by installation application, Microsoft Office and other software. It increases performance of PC and free spaces on hard drives. Main Features.

Here are some key features of “PGuard”:

· Cleans Internet activities traces including cache, cookies, history, typed URL’s.
· Supporting Internet Explorer, Opera 7+, Firefox 1.5, Netscape, Mozilla and Amaya browsers.
· Permanently deletes Windows activities traces such as Recycle bin, temporary files, Recent Documents.
· Third party software cleaning including AOL, ICQ, Gator, etc.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Netscape 8 cleanup.
· Opera 8.52 cleanup.
· Avant Browser 10.1 cleanup.
· Slim Browser 4.06 cleanup.
· Password protection.
· Profile Wizard for fast and easy creating cleanup profiles
· New 3D party software cleanup plugins.

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