Anti Boss Key Security Related Security for Windows

Lets you hide windows with a single key stroke
Anti-Boss Key lets you hide windows with a single key stroke.
It can instantly hide windows (applications) in order to prevent uninvited persons from seeing them.

It will protect your privacy and will save your job and hide important information from people who are not supposed to see it.

This can be your credit card information, passwords, secret documents, games, sites (browsers) and more.

Here are some key features of “Anti-Boss Key”:

· Instantly hide all windows on your DeskTop with a secret key combination
· Set selected volume level or mute the sound when the windows are hidden
· Restore all applications exactly to the state before hiding
· Keep the applications running to allow them perform the necessary tasks while they are hidden
· Don’t hide chosen windows
· Don’t hide chosen applications
· Automatically start the application which you are supposed to work with ( For use at work )
· Works invisibly in the background for additional privacy
· Easy to use ‘Drag and Drop’ interface
· Context sensitive help
· Customizable hot keys
· Hide wallpaper
· Close the application that was active before hiding windows
· Close newly created windows while in “Hide” mode
· Hide system tray
· Hide task bar
· Hide desktop icons
· Switch display resolution
· Hotkey to lock workstation and start screen saver


· 20 days trial

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