Antiy Ghostbusters Adavance Security Related Security for Windows

A powerful information security application
Antiy Ghostbusters Advanced Edition is a powerful information security application.It consists of an anti-hacker utility and an information security configuration toolkit. Antiy Ghostbusters Advanced Edition not only includes all functions of the Professional Edition, but also is enhanced by the Network Capture and Network Flux Wath Tools.

AGB can detect and kill Trojans, backdoors, worms, spyware and advware, which may hide in your system like ghost and damage your system, steal your secret information.

There are many excellent tools in AGB, which provide a wealth of information about what is running on your system, and help you manage the information security configuration of your system. You can fix the IE settings, manage tasks, processes, shares and services of your system. Network Connection Status and Process to Port Mapper show the status of remote and local port and IP addresses and the processes associated with them.

The Network Capture is a compact network analyzer. It helps you to monitor and analyze the network communication at packet level, to judge whether there is suspicious communication to or exit your computer. It also provide statistic to the result of Net Capture. Net Capture can display MAC Address, IP Address, Port, Packet Size, Protocol, and Payload of every packet it captures. Net Capture will capture the evidence of network intrusions, literally reconstructing every keystroke. Dissecting that critical information with Net Capture is simple and efficient, thus spare IT engineers’ time.

The Monitor watches the system and network activities, detects and blocks active ghost program.

· Nag screen
· can only update once per 5 days

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