Aobo Blocker Security Related Security for Windows

Block unwanted websites and filter certain sites
Aobo Blocker is an efficient application which allows users to block all unwanted sites. It also supports url filtering technology . With this advanced algorithm and technology, you can completely rely on Aobo Porn Filter to keep your family safe from pornography.

No way to unblock the blocked websites without password.
Aobo Website blocker is the only website filter which gives you full protection. With Aobo Blocker, no one can bypass the block with web proxy. Aobo Blocker is the only Website Blocker – Porn filter that can block visiting blocked websites with web proxies.

The Most Easy-to-Use Porn Filter: You don’t have to do anything after you install Aobo Porn Filter. Aobo Porn Filter uses special technology to fully integrate itself into windows operation system, so you won’t find any Aobo process running on your computer. But Aobo will block all pornographic material automatically.

Aobo Website Blocker – Porn Filter not only works with different browsers like Internet Explorer,Firefox but also it works with other Internet program (e.g. MSN). After installing Aobo Porn Filter, you just visit “” and other porn sites to test. If you are not able to visit them, that shows your Aobo Porn Filter is working now.

Here are some key features of “Aobo Blocker”:

Running Features:
· Stealth and undetectable blocking
· Password protection
· Easy to Use

Filtering Features:
· Block unwanted websites by URL.
· Filter searching keyword with pre-set keyword list.
· Works with all popular web browsers
· Block porn web sites automatically
· Block all porn web sites before they loaded to web browsers
· Block visiting Unwanted websites with web proxies
· Runs absolutely invisibly under Windows systems. Only people who have the password can close the program.


· Nag screen
· 5 days trial

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