ArchiCrypt Shredder Secure cleaning Security for Windows

A secure file deleter utility
Securely deleting files is not as easy as it appears at first. The means offered by most operating systems do not really remove the data, only a reference to the content is removed. It is simple to reconstruct this data with the appropriate program. ArchiCrypt Shredder deletes sensitive data in such a way that it is impossible to reconstruct the data using software. (This has been tested and proven in the laboratories of the data rescue specialist, Ontrack).

The file deletion function can be connected to the Windows Explorer’s context menu if needed. Special functions like cleaning the free space and cluster tips (fragments that cannot be deleted at the end of a file and which can contain sensitive information), monitoring the online connection and automatically removing online traces can be accessed centrally using ArchiCrypt Shredder’s user interface. Using the scheduler, specific deletion tasks can be scheduled and carried out at a later time. An extremely flexible plug-in system expands the shredder to include a range of functions, which, for example, in addition to deleting the traces of Window Media Player, RealOne Player, Kazaa, eDonkey, eMule, WinZip, WinRAR, Outlook Express, etc., can also handle saving operations.

Using special plug-ins, you can, for example, even back-up your Outlook Express or Thunderbird mail boxes, save and restore Windows XP product activation and deactivate numerous “Phone Home” functions ? and on and on and on… The shredder provides a very special feature in terms of information about your usage patterns. The operating system secretly collects data about programs and files and encrypts and hides this information on your system. The shredder is not only able to delete this data but also decrypt it. Anyone who wants to clean entire partitions or hard drives will find a fantastic solution, both with ArchiCrypt Shredder as well as with DBAN, which is integrated.

ArchiCrypt Shredder provides numerous additional functions. While normal deletion programs and trace destroyers only use unsecure operating system methods, at best, to remove blocked files and clean swap files, ArchiCrypt Shredder uses its own secure method and deletes data even before the operating system starts up.

The absolute highlight, however, is the “Secure D Zone” feature ? Secure D Zones are locations / spaces that are monitored by the shredder. At every unsecure deletion (i.e. using the operating system), the shredder substitutes the action with its own secure deletion.
Here are some key features of “ArchiCrypt Shredder”:

· Supports Internet Explorer, Opera, Netscape, T-Online, Firefox
· Flexible plug-in system
· Removes traces from applications: for example, recently opened documents, recently started programs or connected computers, temporary files, WinRAR, WinZIP, deleted Outlook Express Emails, deleted Thunderbird Emails, Windows MediaPlayer, RealOne Player, eDonkey, Kazaa, eMule and many more. (ATTENTION: Not all plug-ins are available in the test version!)
· Extra plug-ins
Anti-spy plug-ins / Anti-Phone Home:
· On and off for remote registrations
· On and off for the automatic update function
· Deactivation of Alexa (Spy-program)
· Deactivation of automatic media player update
· Deactivate MS Messenger
· Switch off MS Messenger Broadcast news
· Deactivate Windows 2000 und XP Phone Home
· Possible to activate / deactivate update under Windows 2000/XP
· Activate / deactivate Windows messenger service
Useful plug-ins:
· On and off of speech balloons
· Saving and restoring Windows XP product activation
· Full version contains more than 70 plug-ins
· Backup important data like Outlook Express Emails, Thunderbird Emails, Internet Explorer settings
· Empties recyclers
· Can delete entire partitions and drives, including operating systems. (ArchiCrypt Shredder uses DBAN (Darik’s Darik’s Boot and Nuke). For more information about DBAN see
· Is not only able to delete (in the full version) data about user patterns that have been secretly collected by the operating system, but also decrypt and display it.
· Comprehensive log functions
· Cleans file names of previously deleted files
· Scheduler for timing deletions
· Simultaneous cleaning of free space, cluster tips and file names on multiple drives
· Deletes free space, blocks files and the swap files using secure procedures before the operating system is loaded
· World-wide the only program to offer Secure Zones (locations where any unsecure deletion is intercepted and replaced with a secure deletion).


· 10 days trial

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