ArtistScope DRM Security Related Security for Windows

A total control solution for Document Rights Management
ArtistScope DRM is an intersting solution created for the management of digital rights of your documents, images and web pages where an author can assign different permissions per user or group of users. When copy protection and DRM rights are assigned the document becomes “for their eyes only ” and any copies of that document forwarded on cannot be viewed by others unless they also have access rights to view.

Total control over access rights managed from anywhere
The creation of user accounts, document conversion and distribution can be managed online from any computer in the world. Create new users, assign administrators and other special users permitted to submit publications, update document permissions or suspend document availability at any time.

Copy protect intellectual property, photos, plans and drawings
Upload and protect Word, Html, PowerPoint, Excel and images for distribution as documents or for web pages which cannot be copied or printed unless you allow the privilege. Publish using any combination of DRM or copy protection rules or none at all.
Protect financial data and other sensitive information

Provide financial data and statistics to valued clients. ArtistScope DRM is the most secure DRM solution imaginable. Documents and web ages can be made capture safe at a the click of a button. Tokens cannot be forged and certificates cannot be copied and redistributed.
Here are some key features of “ArtistScope DRM”:

· Restrict which users or groups can view a document or web page
· Set expiration on a document or web page validated by time server
· Allow or limit the number of views of documents and web pages per user or group
· Allow or limit the number of prints of documents and web pages per user or group
· Allow or limit access to documents and web pages by IP number or network
· Allow or limit a user to add/edit documents for shared distribution
· Create member accounts for authoring documents and web pages
· Upload, convert and protect almost any type of document or web page
· Encrypt and copy protect from all saving and copy methods
· Prevent Printscreen, screen capture and remote viewing


· PWS with ASP support

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