B Calm Privacy Security Related Security for Windows

Instantly hide your applications from prying eyes and then recover them later!
B-calm it’s an application that instantly hide what’s on your screen by pressing a secret “panic” hotkey removing them from the task bar and task manager, then restore all windows later when the panic is over! Activate by secret hotkey, or clicking on a systray icon.

Optionally password lock the hidden windows so if another person uses your computer, you can be sure they can’t view your sensitive screens! Without this application, you would need to close each application by hand, respond to any prompts and then recover the data in each window later. How long would this take? Several seconds! B-Calm will hide your windows almost instantly!

Here are some key features of “B Calm Privacy”:

· Almost instant hiding, removal of windows from task bar/task manager
· Secret hotkey operation
· Password protect your hidden windows
· Windows management – manually hide or reveal windows as you wish
· Easy to use, easy to configure
· Possible applications:
· Boss key – keep private stuff safe from prying eyes
· Keep task bar tidy – keep cumbersome long running tasks like downloads in the background
· Stop children viewing unsuitable material
· Guard commercial secrets
· Allow other people to use your computer


· 30 runs

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