Blue Lock PC Security Related Security for Windows

A software that automatically locks your PC by using your Bluetooth mobile phone as a key
Blue Lock PC is a software that automatically locks your PC by using your Bluetooth mobile phone as a key. When you leave the range of the signal (typically 10 m distance) it locks your PC.

When you return your data is unlocked. No need to type passwords anymore.

Blue Lock PC offers several unique advantages for your pc security. Should you happen to lose your notebook pc, your information will remain locked. Blue Lock PC will protect valuable data from falling into the wrong hands.

Blue Lock PC is Bluetooth-based software for notebooks. Using your Bluetooth mobile phone as a key, Blue Lock PC automatically locks your computer when you leave the range of signal.

When you return to your computer it is reactivated. Automatic login allows hands-free control of your computer within range.

You need to install and establish this connection only once. From then on you are free from typing passwords each time you lock/unlock.

Here are some key features of “Blue Lock PC”:

· You will not even notice that the program works.
· Now you never will forget Your password and lose Your security flash drive, because you do not need them at all.
· Really what you need is to install a program to your pc and assign your mobile with Blue Lock PC.
· In the lock mode, it fully disables access to the task manager of the Windows operating system, therefore any unauthorized keyboard access to your system will fail.
· Any attempt to press shortcuts like ALT F4, CTRL ALT DEL or ALT TAB will fail.
· Bulletproof startup lock (couldn’t be bypassed in safe mode)
· Screen saving effects


· Bluetooth enabled mobile phone

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