BrowseControl Security Related Security for Windows

A perfect solution for controlling internet and application usage in the network
BrowseControl is designed as the perfect solution for controlling internet and application usage in the network.

BrowseControl can totally deny access to the Internet. Or, you can allow access to specific company/classroom sites through the Allowed List feature; all other sites will be restricted. Alternatively users can be allowed access to all sites, except for those sites you list in the Blocked List. Users can also be restricted access to e-mail, FTP sites, Instant Messaging, ICQ, Newsgroups, etc..

In addition to restricting Internet activity, users can be denied access to unauthorized applications such as Kaaza, MSN Messenger, Solitaire etc… This is achieved through the App Blocker feature.

BrowseControl also provides administrators to control some of the PC components of those users who are abusing company/school policies. Remotely, from the Console, you can temporarily lock an offensive users PC by blanking the screen and blocking use of the keyboard and mouse. CD/Floppy drives can also be locked.
Here are some key features of “BrowseControl”:

· Deny all access to the Internet
· Allow access to company/school specific sites Allowed List
· Deny access to specific sites Blocked List
· Restrict use of specific applications such as Kaaza, Solitaire etc., through the App Blocker
· Multiple Consoles allows management at both a centralized as well as remote locations/classrooms/departments
· Block floppy/CD drives
· Block keyboard/mouse/screen
· Shut down or reboot Client PCs remotely
· Schedule times during the day when Internet is enabled
· Control and schedule Internet access per individual PC or group, department or classroom
· Restrict messaging, FTP, ICQ etc
· Block exes as well as files with different extensions
· Readily import/export Allowed/Blocked lists and Application Blocking lists through the Import/Export feature
· Customize a pop-up message, to notify users trying to access unauthorized sites or applications


· Server Component
· Machine IBM-PC Compatible
· Processor Pentium II (Pentium III recommended)
· RAM 128 MB (256 recommended)
· HDD 2 GB
· Console Component
· Client Component
· Acrobat Reader v6.0 or later should be there on the system where console is to be installed.
· TCP/IP installed as your Network Protocol.


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· User Based BrowseControl
· BrowseControl is now able to function in two modes, Computer Based and User Based. User mode allows control over each user on the network. All the functionalities and settings that are available for the Computer based mode are also applicable in the user based mode.
· Import Users
· Active Directory users can be imported to the BrowseControl Console making it easier to organize users in the user based mode of BrowseControl.
· Port Filtering Options
· Filtering options can be modified to block unwanted downloads of files over the internet, avoid filtering of images or allow blocking of ports only during the Internet OFF mode.
· Remote Installation of Clients
· BrowseControl Clients can now be installed remotely from the Console on any system available on the LAN.
· Redirect Clients
· The “Redirect Clients” feature of BrowseControl will allow you to resolve any incorrect entries of the Server IP address on the Client remotely from the Console. In addition, throug…

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