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Delete your personal Internet data
In order to be sure Internet Explorer is displaying the latest versions of web pages, deleting the Temporary Internet Files is recommended. Unfortunately, doing this using Internet Explorer involves many steps and can quickly become a nuisance.

CacheSmasher solves this problem by allowing you to delete your Temporary Internet Files in a single step! It is ideal for web developers, who often need to be sure their latest updates are being displayed.


· Delete cookies, Temporary Internet Files, Internet history and your Internet Explorer address drop-down list, (also named “TypedURLs”) with just one click of the mouse! No need to hunt for the “Internet Options” dialog! Saves you time and hassle!
· Supports a keyboard “Hotkey” which you can use in any application to instantly delete any combination of your cookies, Temporary Internet Files, Internet history and URL list!
· Easy access to the Internet history and Temporary Internet Files allows you to view and copy items from them. You can also remove entries from your history and files from your Internet cache.
· Allows you to run a script or a program of your choosing when deleting your personal Internet data. This is great for web developers who may use this feature to compile a web site, upload files, delete intermediate files or any number of other tasks.

What’s New in This Release:

· Clear Internet history, clear URL list, Internet Properties shortcut, Tip of the Day


· 30-day free trial

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