Chaperone 2007 Security Related Security for Windows

A toool which will give you the power to control the content viewed by your users
Chaperone 2009 gives the user the option of controlling the viewed material by all the users. You no longer have to worry about how to protect your family members from inappropriate content. Business owners, school officials, corporate and government administrators can now protect their investments and minimize the liability of blatant system policy abuse, 24-hours per day, seven-days per week.

Pornography, foul language, money schemes, racial epithets, sexual content, violence, self-destructive behavior, crime, drug use, cheats and scams …

Inappropriate content is being added to the Internet at an alarming rate, each day. It is estimated that by the year 2010, approximately 63% of all online web sites will contain some brand of inappropriate content.

The chances are very good that your young children, teenagers, employees and other users have already been exposed to the violence, propaganda, adult content, erotic images and predatory attacks that have so relentlessly plagued the World-Wide-Web today.


· Activate your copy of Chaperone 2009 to the registered version and unlock all the features of this powerful desktop surveillance utility.
· Nag screen

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