CheckSystem Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

A professional monitoring and reporting tool for Windows.
CheckSystem is a professional software utility designed as a monitoring and reporting application for Windows-based computers and servers.

Here are some key features of “CheckSystem”:

· Disk and partition monitor
With the disk and partition monitor you can control your hard disks or network drives

· Directory monitor (disk quota)
The directory monitor controls the size of your local or network directories

· NT, 2000, XP event log monitor
Do not miss an important event log message with help of the the event log monitor

· Dr. Watson monitor
Keep informed about program failures on your system

· Application monitor
Create a black and white list for applications and control which program is running on your system

· CPU monitor
Control the CPU usage of your system and react if anything is wrong

· System service monitor
Control the system services and start or stop automatically

· File monitor
Get informed when a specific file has been changed

· Http monitor
Get informed if a specific web page returns an error

· Log file monitor
Get all new entries of specified log file

· TCP/IP connection monitor
Check if a specified computer is available or unavailable and get informed if the status has changed

· Fragmentation monitor
Control the fragmentation level of your volumes and start defragmentation automatically

· Memory monitor
Control RAM usage and get informed if your system is running out of memory

· Running as system service
Run CheckSystem as a system service which means no user has to be logged on.

· Html Report Engine
Create a tidy and clearly arranged html report with detailed information and upload via ftp

· Notification system
Get informed via e-mail or DirectMessage if anything is wrong on your PC or server


· 15 days trial
· Nag screen

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