Child Control Security Related Security for Windows

Parental control for PC time limits, Internet control, block folders
Child Control is one of the most optimal parental control and security solution.

Set time limits for the PC and/or the Internet and block/filter unwanted Internet contents. Child Control 2008 limits the access to internal Windows components and personal folders.

A protocol informs you at any time as to what happened on your computer and when. Access is protected via password.

Notification of PC and Internet Usage via Email notify. Several safety steps for young computer freaks that are too smart.
Here are some key features of “Child Control 2008”:

· Runs on all popular Windows systems (95-XP)
· Define the users who are allowed to access the PC
· Define time limits, either daily or for weekdays
· Define PC Off Times for each hour of each weekday
· Define Internet Off Times for each hour of each weekday
· Define Internet time limits, per day or per week
· Define “unwanted“ Internet contents with keywords
· Time limits can be defined separately for each EXE-file
· Report data is constantly logged to keep track of each user’s time.
· Disable major system settings
· Stealth mode: Make the program invisible to your users
· Whitelist EXE > Define exactly which programs your child is allowed to use!
· Whitelist Internet > Define exactly which URLs are allowed to use!
· E-Mail notification: see what is happening on your home PC from work.
· Define a holiday extension time, when every limit will be extended
· Crack-safe, all “back doors“ can easily be blocked via a mouse click.
· Easy Import and Export functions to share settings with other PCs
· Supports domains and workgroups, easy online update routine
· The user is always of aware of time used, time limit, and time remaining.
· Customize your own warning messages (e.g. non english languages)


· Pentium II / Celeron, or AMD Athlon/Duron running at 266 MHz or above
· a mouse
· VGA (800×600 or higher)
· 64MB RAM
· 5 MB free disk space per application are sufficient.


· 31 days trial
· nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· An Improved Overview
· Find out at a glance what limits have been set for each user. At the same time, the overview lets you know how much time each user has used up, and how much is still available. Also new: You can now reset all accumulated usage times to zero with a single click.

· New Ways of Blocking Web Pages
· Set up time limits or blocked times for individual web pages (URL’s). Limit the amount of chatting or gaming that your kids can do at a given site to the framework that you have established. Informative sites, such as those that help with homework, remain freely available. Of course, you can still block certain pages completely or permanently enable them. Child Control also supports well-known filtering protocols such as ICRA, and allows you to block pages containing prohibited terms.

· More Control over Programs
· Decide when a given program can be accessed—always, at specified times, or not at all. Now see not only the name of the executable file, but also the a…

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