CipherWall Safe Client Security Related Security for Windows

A simple to use piece of software that allows you to remotely secure files.
CipherWall Safe Client is a confidential data remote storage system. A simple, user-friendly software encrypts and uploads your files to the remote storage space, erasing all traces of the confidential documents on the sending computer.

Authorisation requires a unique asymmetric key, eliminating the possibility of the password being discovered through trial-and-error. All encryption operations are done on sending computer and all data is transfered to server via encrypted channel. Unauthorised access is blocked for CipherWall Safe server administrators.

Note: Using this client program you can register on free demo server. Your quota on server will be limited to 10 MB.

Here are some key features of “CipherWall Safe Client”:

· 3-step X.509 authorization
· RSA with keys length up to 4096 bits
· all traffic is encrypted with randomly chosen algorithm * (AES, Twofish or Serpent) using 256-bit random session key
· AES and Twofish in cascade mode with two 256-bit random independent keys are used for files encryption
· files and folders names are also encrypted
· HMAC based on SHA-256
· PKCS 5.2 based on HMAC-SHA-512 with 2000 iterations
· powerfull random numbers generator
· supports additional “corporate” keys
· DoD-5220.22-M and Peter Gutmann’s algorithms are used for data wiping (NTFS streams are also wiped)

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