CipherWall Self Decryptor Decrypting Decoding Security for Windows

A utility created for self-decrypting archives creation and data wiping
CipherWall Self-Decryptor is a program designed for self-decrypting archives creation and data wiping.

Users’ data is compressed and encrypted with a key made from a passphrase and a key file. Then executable module is added to this archive so it becomes independent from the main program.

To decrypt and decompress this archive you don’t need to have the same program! You must know the passphrase and/or have the key file!

Here are some key features of “CipherWall Self Decryptor”:

· it’s FREE;
· high variable compression level (Deflate algorithm);
· you can set different compression level for each file or directory in the archive;
· strong crypto-algorithms (Blowfish with 448-bits key in CFB mode, RC4 with 512-bits key, RC5 with 512-bits key in CFB mode);
· archives are not limited in size;
· files’ attributes and other system information is also stored in archive;
· your can use passphrase and key file together;
· your can use remote key file (the program will download it itself from specified URL);
· modified ANSI X9.17 algorithm is used for random initial vectors (IV) generation;
· SHA-512 algorithm is used to generate encryption key from passphrase and key file;
· CRC32 algorithm is used for data verification;
· wipe algorithms: fast, DoD-5220.22-M and Gutman’s.

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· AES-256 encryption algorithm added, new pseudo-random numbers generator, PKCS5, some old errors fixed.

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