Clean Slate Security Related Security for Windows

Will restore the computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted user changes
Clean Slate, developed and manufactured in the United States, is designed to protect public access computers from malicious or inexperienced users. While not restricting users’ activities, Clean Slate will scour drives back to their original state upon reboot or log off. Clean Slate takes only minutes to install and needs no attention, ever, for most installations.

Clean Slate restores the computer to its original configuration discarding unwanted user changes: including erased files, installed software, downloaded spyware and adware, downloaded viruses and Trojan horses, and altered icons.

Clean Slate is a security software that protects public access computers.

Rated best non-restrictive desktop security software, Clean Slate is easy yet powerful. Administrators, by password, can specify individual drives or directories not to be cleared by Clean Slate, allowing persistent changes in some areas on the disk. Additionally, administrators can view all changes made and specify which changes should be undone on reboot or log off and which should be committed as permanent changes.

Compatible with all major anti-virus software, Clean Slate is the ideal solution. Clean Slate, while the security is active, allows anti-virus updates to install properly. While in the Clean Slate configuration screen, simply select your anti-virus software to be exempt from the Clean Slate security in the Exempt Application setting. Once configured, all anti-virus updates will install, effectively protecting your computers, without fear of the update being removed at log off or reboot.

Customizing any area of the computer to precisely accommodate your security need is quick and easy using wildcards and environment variables. In a computer programming environment, Clean Slate can allow students to save and test changes.

Clean Slate actually prevents the original files from ever being modified. Instead, Clean Slate caches all unwanted changes in a special folder that is hidden and protected from the users. When the computer is rebooted or a user logs off, Clean Slate merely discards the cached changes.

Packed with features, Clean Slate provides impressive flexibility. The powerful security of Clean Slate discards all unwanted changes; plus, it is flexible allowing permanent saves where desired. Clean Slate has the ability to allow permanent saves by Registry key, file mane, or folder. Any program can easily be configured to run without Clean Slate clearing changes. This is ideal to retain anti-virus updates.
Here are some key features of “Clean Slate”:

· Automatically removes unwanted downloads, software installations, and all effects of user mischief, including spyware and adware
· Complete security from malicious or inexperienced users
· Just log off or reboot to find the Windows desktop looking the same
· Automatically restores icons that users delete or hide and remove icon clutter that users add
· New software cannot be permanently installed without your authorization
· Clears all virus downloads
· Multiple levels of administrative access determined by username and password
· If files have been renamed, deleted, or moved, just log off or reboot and everything is back to your configuration
· You can schedule to disable security by time of day
· Easily select individual files and folders to be free of security; this is ideal when permanent changes are desired
· Never worry about a user forgetting to log off the computer. Clean Slate will automatically log off, shut down, or restart the computer after a period of inactivity
· Works great with computer imaging software
· Ideal solution for public access computers
· Your computer will remain free from downloads and software installations, including spyware and adware
· Perfect for computer Kiosks
· Finicky and security averse programs get along well with Clean Slate
· Easily enable security for administrative logon
· Saves you valuable time
· Removes your chore of re-imaging or cleaning a computer


· Pentium processor or equivalent
· 64 MB of RAM
· 40 MB of available hard-disk space
· 5-10% free disk space for cached information (recommended)
· Internet connection recommended for product activation


· 30 days trial period

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