CM DiskCleaner Secure cleaning Security for Windows

CM DiskCleaner will clean your computer and improve performance, find and delete all garbage files
Clean your computer and improve performance. Find and delete all garbage files, broken shortcuts, zero byte files and more.

Clean the most important things easy and quickly, Temporary Internet Files, History, Cookies, Index Dat files, Temp directory and more. Add your own user defined folders, clear MRU lists and schedule application to run on intervals.

CM DiskCleaner is a program that allows you to optimize your computer.

Uninstall applications, and find and remove old application entries. View entries and scan the Windows registry for errors. Optimize the physical RAM on your computer, and included are also a user guide to learn how to keep the computer up and running with less problems.

Learn also what applications you should have, and how to get them. CM DiskCleaner is powerful and very easy to use. All users can use this application, and you will fast see how easy it is.

Take your computer experience to a new level, and learn how to do a disk cleanup the easy and fun way. CM DiskCleaner has helped a lot of people, and probably, it will help you also.

CM DiskCleaner comes with an automatic update feature to install the latest versions released. Free support and lifetime upgrades are included for all registered users.

· Explorer 5.0
· Windows NT Needs SP4

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