CoDefender Security Related Security for Windows

An extra layer of security for your computer
CoDefender software is designed to be an essential complement to your existing security applications, such as desktop firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.

CoDefender 2008 provides innovative and pro-active anti-keylogging protection. Use CoDefender software to prevent identity theft, stolen passwords and credit card details. The software works by encrypting and scrambling your keystrokes at the kernel driver level and decrypting them at the last moment at the protected application level.

For a higher level of security, protection is provided on a per-application basis. An application is protected by a CoDefender Protection Module (PM).

With CoDefender your operating environment’s protection is enhanced so that you get the best protection.
Here are some key features of “CoDefender”:

Extensible Security Architecture:
· New security features delivered in a fast and efficient manner. Flexible architecture to enable quick adaption to ever changing Internet threats.

Protection Against Keyloggers:
· Protects against hidden keyloggers and prevents theft of password, credit card, and other sensitive information. Protects against zero-day exploits, user-level and kernel-level keyloggers.

Dynamic Application Security:
· Provides keystroke security for almost any application.

Highly Configurable:
· Enable or disable any Protection Module at any time. Control which running instance of an application should be protected.

Highly Effective Feedback:
· Be informed of when security is enabled or disabled, so you can work with confidence online or offline. For example, the program lets you know when your keystrokes are protected. In addition, you can easily configure the amount of feedback provided.

Fast and Efficient Updates:
· Receive security updates automatically as soon as we release them. This includes CoDefender program updates and Protection Module updates.

Efficient Design:
· CoDefender software is designed to run efficiently and reliably in the background and does not slow you down or get in your way as you go about your daily business. The program requires very little CPU when it is running.

Last Line of Defense:
· Continues to provide protection even if malware has penetrated through your existing security systems and already running on your computer. This is defense in depth.

Universal Protection Modules:
· Universal Protection Modules that can be configured to protect any application you choose.


· Pentium 3, 850MHz.
· Recommended Minimum RAM: 256MB.
· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0


· Not All Protection Modules are available.
· Universal Protection Modules not available
· Program Updates are disabled
· Protection Module Updates are disabled

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