ComputerTime Security Related Security for Windows

Set time limits on your kid’s computer use
ComputerTime is a parental-control software that will help you to ensure your children computer use wisely and share it fairly. It contains features to limit the amount of time, and when the computer may be used.

ComputerTime may also be used to prevent a child from using the computer entirely. Using the Tokens feature, extra time may be granted from time to time or used as an incentive

ComputerTime consists of the:

Admin Tool – A program that you, as the parent, use to create Profiles for each child and enter their limits.

Monitor – A program that runs automatically when you start your computer, and checks limits you’ve set while your child uses the computer.

Here are some key features of “ComputerTime”:

· Limit time per day, week or month
· Time-of-day settings
· Set amount of time at one sitting
· Separate weekday and weekend limits
· Disable children’s computer use entirely
· Review children’s computer use
· Customize limits for each child
· Password protected
· Different limits for vacation time
· Grant extra use with Time Tokens
· Automatic updates over the Internet


· 14 days trial
· Nag screen
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· 30102: Automatic Logon Issue with no matching Profile
· With the Automatic Logon option enabled, there was a problem after logging onto Windows if there was no matching ComputerTime Profile name with a Windows account name. The ComputerTime logon dialog displayed as it should, but then any of the ComputerTime Profiles could be used to log on without entering a password.

· 30104: Automatic Logon Problem coming back from Screen Saver
· With the Automatic Logon option enabled, there was a problem after coming back from the Screen Saver. If someone selected a ComputerTime Profile other than their own and the screen saver starts, then coming back from the Screen Saver would log them into that profile instead of their profile.

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