Crisystec Sentry Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Crisystec Sentry is a powerful data cleaning system
Crisystec Sentry is an easy to use data cleaning application for a single user Windows PC. Daily use protects you from unwanted data becoming permanently hidden in your PC. Crisystec Sentry takes care of all of your privacy concerns.

With state of the art multiple auto stealth, only you would know Crisystec Sentry is working in the background collecting sensitive data and destroying it LIVE while still maintaining your privacy.

Securely delete your Web Tracks by Overwriting the Data to a Standard Defeating US Department of Defense file destroying standards, for destruction of classified data, that can stop both software and hardware tools from recovering data.

Once data is destroyed with Crisystec Sentry, it is gone forever and can not be recovered. Cleaning up the history of your activities can be a time consuming process, having to manually remove each history file or entry – and it actually won’t help. You Need Crisystec Sentry.

Crisystec Sentry will also clean and boost your Windows system whilst recovering valuable hard disk space and it comes preconfigured to destroy the most common privacy violations. Crisystec Sentry, comes with a very attractive, XP style interface and is very simple to use.

Here are some key features of “Crisystec Sentry”:

· Crisystec Sentry 3.0 world class privacy software, powered by Proof Destroyer, comes with a very attractive, XP style interface and is very simple to use.

· Safe /Secure and permanent destroy file/folders features
Crisystec Sentry 3.0 erases the cache(temporary internet file folder), cookies, history, visited URL’s, typed URL’s, auto complete forms data, index.dat files, and Window’s swap file, temp folders, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents and much more on auto stealth feature.

· Windows “delete” button and the “empty recycle bin”
The windows “delete” button and the “empty recycle bin” option does NOT DELETE your files it only deletes ‘references’ to these files from file system tables. Contents of the deleted file continue to be stored on the disk. The most basic software recovery tool can recover all of it. Crisystec Sentry 3.0 comes with a built in feature that Auto-Destroy function. You can also have Crisystec Sentry 3.0 automatically working in the background while you are working on your pc. Crisystec Sentry 3.0 will collect and destroy all information gathered, protecting your privacy thus providing you with maximum security when you switch your pc off all the evidence is destroyed.

· Integrated with the Microsoft Windows applications A recycle bin
Empty Recycle bin on Auto. Allow for all Proof to be shifted to a Crisystec Sentry 3.0 “Proof Destroyer” Recycle Bin ? (which will spermanently delete history of files/folders). Index.dat file:- this file type is always LOCKED during a Windows session and can not be deleted manually. Index .Dat is a file that is designed for windows to keep log of you activity and to collect information. this file Can not be deleted manually because it will keep copying it self once you have deleted it and some files are not even visible. With Crisystec Sentry 3.0 you can rest assured that your privacy are fully protected.

· Maintain your privacy and free disk space
Using your PC always leaves many traces of left over files that take up valuable Hard Drive Space, and Recovering this Space can be very Beneficial and Healthy for you and your PC. Crisystec Sentry 3.0 will clean your hard drive of wasteful and intrusive, offensive, information each time you finish surfing the web or pc. Crisystec Sentry 3.0 destroys the traces that you have left behind that you are unaware of In order to have a healthier and faster,safer pc like new, this process must be performed every time you use your computer. Crisystec Sentry 3.0 can automate this process for you!

· Crisystec Sentry3.0 one click solution
Maximizes and clean up hard drive space:- useless but potentially harmful Data, takes up Valuable disk space on your PC that slows your system down

· Protects against scripts that try to hijack your browser
When surfing the net you may find that your browser has been changed.Our Promise: We provide a Peace Of Mind that nobody could come back to your pc and find out what activity’s have been performed and when they have taken place.

· Print off a Summary report
Crisystec Sentry 3.0 also allows you print of a brief summary report on you computer showing the deleted information and the amount of hard drive space that has been secured.

· No need to Change/ Format/ Partition your Hard drive
You will find additional features in this superb program. Don’t upgrade or format your hard-drive, get Crisystec Sentry 3.0 ! Now! . Well it is true, after you run Crisystec Sentry 3.0 for the first time you will be amazed at how much free space Crisystec Sentry 3.0 will make available on your hard-drive. Privacy Guaranteed.

· Alphabetize Favorites menu also Alphabetize the Start menu
When you run the program it will also Alphabetizes the Favorites menu also Alphabetize the Start menu The cookie cleaning feature allows you to specify cookies to keep, so that you don’t erase your important cookies.

· Clean surfing traces
Crisystec Sentry 3.0 Clean surfing traces option will clean all supported browsers and history, MRU, links, Google searches, etc.


· Intel Pentium or compatible processor
· Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher
· 32 MB RAM or more
· 3/5 MB Hard Disk space


· 365-day trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Cookies Manager for all supported browsers.
· Additional browsers support: FireFox.
· GUI improvements to run faster.
· Removed Memory and Resources leaks.
· Fixed the erroneous files size handling for compressed/encrypted files on NTFS volumes.
· Fixed Protected Storage accessing on NT

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