Crystal Clean Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Crystal-Clean – Improves system performance and surf without leaving tracks
Crystal Clean is the product that brings you more harddisk space, a higher performing system and anonymous Internet surfing. Crystal Clean cleans up the history of your computer activities, restores hard disk space, deletes unwanted browser cookies and au

Crystal Clean optionally cleans up unused and unwanted files from your system. It also optionally removes the history your computer activities, such as cleaning the recently used document menus.

Crystal Clean can automatically clean up your browsers cache, cookies, history, recent document list, and much more. This can often restore hundreds of megabytes.

Crystal Clean protects your privacy by removing your activity tracks. An example of activity is when you surf the web. After having surfed the web, there are images, links and cookies stored on your computer from the places you have surfed. Other people can then snag into these tracks and see where your have been. But don’t worry. Crystal Clean removes those tracks with a single mouseclick.

Here are some key features of “Crystal Clean”:

· Recovers and maximizes valuable hard drive space
· Protects your privacy by cleaning traces after websurfing
· Clean up unused and unwanted files from your system
· Improves Internet and system speed dramatically
· Supports the latest system and internet technologies


· 30 days trial

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