czSecure Secure cleaning Security for Windows

czSecure helps clearing/shredding the contents of folders and index.dat files and optimizing your computer’s performance
Programs such as video/audio players, word processors, paint programs, internet browsers and many others create lists in the system registry of the Most Recently Used (MRU) or opened files and maintain extensive folders and index.dat files on your hard drive with references to cookies and information about visited internet pages, passwords, credit card information, etc.

These lists and files, which can be difficult to find and remove, can divulge sensitive information to unscrupulous snoops as well as waste tremendous amounts of disk space.

czSecure is an application that provides a convenient, quick and secure method of finding and removing these file lists as well as clearing/shredding the contents of folders and index.dat files and optimizing your computer’s performance.

For security, on computers having more than one user profile, czSecure permits only the Program Administrator to view the contents of other user’s files and only the Program Administrator has access to advanced tasks such as the Profile, Path Editing and the AutoComplete and Password Recovery utilities.

Here are some key features of “czSecure”:

· Files can be Shredded or deleted either manually or automatically at shut down.
· Send any file on the hard drive to the Shredder by right clicking and selecting the SendTo menu item.
· Open/run files using czSecure Files and Folders utility.
· Open, display and edit the Auto Complete lists.
· Recover lost passwords.
· Select and Protect files from deletion.
· Find, Edit and Delete or Backup the system registry’s Most Recently Used (MRU) file lists.
· Monitor Memory usage.
· List and Display and Edit the contents of user defined folders with the My Paths button.
· Clear the Windows Swap file (page file).
· Run czSecure in Program Administrator mode.
· Preview, Backup or Restore all selected files before processing.

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