Dll Orphans Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Dll Orphans – Remove Orphaned Dll entries in the Registry
When you uninstall programs that share Dlls they often leave the entries in the Windows Registry and/or files that can cause other uninstall problems and bloat the Registry.

When uninstalling a program you may have been presented with a message similar to “This file is apparently not being used by any other program. Do you want to remove it? Warning: If this file is being used by another program it may not run correctly.” That statement doesn’t make a lot of sense and leaves the user with a difficult choice.

Dll Orphans will search your computer, present a list of files that are and are not being used along with Registry entries for files that are no longer valid. It can then delete those entries and create a back up for easy restore should you want to. This program does not delete files. It will delete Registry entries only and provide a list of orphaned Dlls.

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