DM Parent Administrator Security Related Security for Windows

Enforce the access time on a computer and/or monitor application launching/finishing
DM Parent Administrator helps you limit the computer access time and log computer activity.

This is useful for parents which want to restrict the amount of time their children use the computer. Also the parents can see what applications were used by children and for how much time.

Here are some key features of “DM Net Time & Watch Administrator”:

· The parent must use a Windows user with administrator privileges. This means the user should belong to Administrator group. The child uses a restricted user (an user which is not member in Administrator or Power users groups).
The parent can set for each child individually:
· the amount of time the child can access the computer
· the time interval when the child is allowed to use computer
· whether or not to track what applications are launched and when they are finished
· bonus time
· The time can have specific values for each day of the week or can be the same every day.


· 14 days trial
· The allowed working time for a restricted user cannot be bigger that 5 minutes.
· The bonuses cannot increase this time over 5 minutes, and only two bonuses are accepted
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Change the default option to record Web activity in Setup program.

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