DriveSentry Security Related Security for Windows

Protects the user?s system and data from the very latest threats using a combination of over a million blacklisted signatures
DriveSentry provides FREE security for home users. It takes a new approach to that of traditional security software by combining Antivirus, Antispyware and HIPS technologies

DriveSentry protects the user’s system and data from the very latest threats using a combination of over a million blacklisted signatures, whitelisted program identities and information from the DriveSentry Advisor Community.

DriveSentry provides next generation PC security for FREE, by combining antispyware, antivirus and HIPs technologies in order to protect the users from all known or unknown threats.

Here are some key features of “DriveSentry”:

· DriveSentry is the new generation antivirus product providing security 2.0 protection, allowing you to protect and control access to your folders, files and system settings.
· DriveSentry can protect all drives including all removable storage devices attached to your computer.
· Devices such as Compact Flash, SD cards, Sony MagicGate, iPODs, memory cards, media players, mobile phones, digital camera media, removable PDA memory and USB flash drives.
· Automates write access decisions, minimizing popup notifications.
· Allows user to create powerful rules detailing exactly how programs can write to your drives.
· Only allow trusted programs to write to your protected items preventing damage from zero day threats which go undetected by conventional antivirus software.
· “tri-security” technology (good programs, bad programs, and Advisor community information) to protect your drives and automate write access decisions.
· Over 1 million unique malware signatures in database enabling effective offline protection and automation of write access decisions.
· Scans the content of files to check for malware before allowing them to write to your drives.
· Automatically blocks and quarantines known viruses, trojans, and malware code.
· DriveSentry enables the immediate scanning of files, folders and drives for over 1 million malware files held in our
· Advisor database.
· Powerful realtime statistical advice from the rapidly growing Advisor community.
· DriveSentry offers a range of technical
· support.


· P3 (500mhz)+
· 256mb+ RAM

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Over 82 bug fixes and tweaks to enhance protection.

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