DriveWasher Secure cleaning Security for Windows

DriveWasher – the best way to safeguard against identity theft and to protect your privacy is by securely applying a disk eraser
DriveWasher – the best way to safeguard against identity theft and to protect your privacy is by securely applying a disk eraser on all personal data!

Whether you plan to sell your old computer or give it away, Permanent Data Removal and disk format software is a must.

DriveWasher gives identity theft and privacy protection by permanently erasing all your personal data from your hard drive with disk eraser application.

If you are selling, donating, giving away, or disposing of your computer, you are vulnerable to identity theft. Even if you are simply reassigning your computer to another user or giving it to a friend, your private data may be compromised. DriveWasher Permanent Data Removal Software will:
· Completely and permanently erase 100% of ALL data on your hard drive!
· Render ALL of your data unrecoverable by ANY software means!
· Protect your social security and credit card numbers, passwords, emails, photos and any other personal information from identity thieves
· Allow you to safely pass-on your computer knowing that your personal data is 100% gone
· Includes one year of program updates and one year of free phone and email support.

Here are some key features of “DriveWasher”:

· Erases ALL data from your physical drive or partition
· Verifies that your data has been erased
· “Point and Click” graphical user interface
· Sanitizes an entire hard drive or just a selected partition
· Erases all partition tables and drive formats – FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, and Linux
· Creates bootable floppies or boot from CD ROM
· Supports National and International government and military hard drive sanitization standards
· Supports most IDE, Serial ATA, SCSI, RAID, USB, and Firewire drives
· Supports fast single pass sanitization method
· User configurable logging and reporting
· Progress meter shows elapsed, estimated and remaining time for each pass
· Open source drivers for comprehensive device support
· Queries drive directly to determine TRUE hard drive size for precise sanitization
· DriveWasher runs even if your Operating System is no longer functioning
· BONUS File Shredder application permanently erases files/folders and free space within


· Pentium 1 233MHz
· VGA graphics card
· 32MB RAM
· PS2 or USB Mouse

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