Easy Remover Pro Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Easy Remover 2004 – 4 Utility tools in 1 program – manage completely and efficiently your PC
Have you ever wondered if there is a program able to completely cleanup, uninstall, manage your computer, and protect your privacy?

We have the solution: Easy Remover 2004 Pro ! Complete program uninstaller, startup manager, task manager, phantom programs detector and a privacy keeper for Windows and most used browsers.

The 4 utilities available can provide a total management of your computer.

You can easily detect programs that have been improperly installed, customize your startup and also promptly force-quit any running-process.

The new features of Easy Remover 2004 Pro v.3.0 include implementation of the most used browser privacy.

Internet is a very insecure place, and your browser can accept all kind of files from others(even if you do not want this to happen).

In a few seconds you can easily clean up your browser’s cache, temporary Internet files, delete cookies, History files, typed URL’s, list of Recent Documents or Downloaded files, favorites and empty Recicle Bin. Doing this, you clean up your Internet traces, and protect your privacy from any other user of your PC.

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