Eliminator RX Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Eliminator RX is the ultimate stealth Internet Cleaner
Eliminator RX is the ultimate stealth Internet Cleaner.

Eliminator RX is software that cleans the entire histories of your PC automatically, all while hidden from other users. So whatever you do online will stay YOUR business. Eliminator RX erases three groups of histories: Internet History, Windows History and Application History. You can easily adjust what is erased within the ERX control panel. Also includes an industrial-strength file shredder to completely erase unwanted files.

Any hacker or snooper can access your sensitive information without your knowledge. Windows systems keep a record of web sites visited, documents opened, search terms and much more. If someone gets into your system, then it might turn out be your worst nightmare.

Imagine someone who tries to access your files to steal your identity. With Eliminator RX these files will be long gone. Now imagine someone trying to snoop on your surfing habits when you are not around. With Eliminator RX, the history is no more.

Here are some key features of “Eliminator RX”:

· Protects you from identity theft, hackers and snoopers.
· Runs secretly in the background so that nobody else will know it’s installed.
· Can increase Internet speed by erasing tons of uneeded temporary files.
· Easy-to-use interface allows anyone who can surf the web to eliminate easily.


· 15 days trial

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