Encrypt Easy Encrypting Security for Windows

A highly secure file encryption program which uses the 67 encryption methods
Encrypt Easy is a highly secure file encryption program. Current version of Encrypt Easy uses the 67 encryption methods:

Cipher: 3Way, Blowfish, Gost, IDEA, Q128, SAFER-K40, SAFER-SK40, SAFER-K64, SAFER-SK64, SAFER-K128, SAFER-SK128, SCOP, Shark, Square, TEA, TEA extended, Twofish, Cast 128, Cast 256, DES Single 8byte, DES Double 8byte, DES Double 16byte, DES Triple 8byte, DES Triple 16byte, DES Triple 24byte, DESX, Diamond II, Diamond II Lite, FROG, Mars, Misty 1, NewDES, RC2, RC4, RC5, RC6, Rijndael, Sapphire II, Skipjack.

Hash: Message Digest 4, Message Digest 5, Secure Hash Algorithm, Secure Hash Algorithm 1, Ripe Message Digest 128, Ripe Message Digest 160, Ripe Message Digest 256, Ripe Message Digest 320, Haval-128, Haval-160, Haval-192, Haval-224, Haval-256, Sapphire II-128, Sapphire II-160, Sapphire II-192, Sapphire II-224, Sapphire II-256, Sapphire II-288, Sapphire II-320, Snefru-256, Square, Tiger, XOR-16, XOR-32, CRC-16 CCITT, CRC-16 Standard, CRC-32.

Each file is encrypted with two encryption methods, Cipher+Hash, and with its own password and can only be decrypted using the same password.

Encrypt Easy is a useful tool for secure file encryption and it is also a file shredder.

This version also has self extracting. Now you can send encrypted files through Internet and decrypt them without using Encrypt Easy program. It is very fast, comfortable and safe!

New version of Encrypt Easy gives user even more functions – better interface, encrypted file compression, command line tool, Windows XP support, password validation box, detailed description of all function, interactive demonstration for users.

Here are some key features of “Encrypt Easy”:

· 67 encryption algorithms;
· encrypt files using the best and most proven cryptographic algorithms such as 448-bit Blowfish, Rijndael, Hash, Des, Triple Des;
· fast and simple, with one-click encryption and decryption;
· encrypt single files, folders and entire directory trees;
· built-in powerful predictive Compression. Compression strengthens cryptographic security even more.
· self extracting – decrypt files without using Encrypt Easy;
· shred files in such a way that they cannot be recovered;
· wipe out all traces of your Internet and system activities;
· command line utility allows quick integration into automated processes and scripts.
· full Integration with Windows Explorer.


· CPU: P2
· RAM: 64;
· HDD: 4 MB free space


· 30 days trial

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