Encrypted Password Repository Encrypting Security for Windows

A security solution which addresses the problem of identify theft and fraud.
Encrypted Password Repository is a security solution which addresses the problem of identify theft and fraud, which frequently occurs when criminals gain access to sensitive information kept on personal and corporate computers.

This solution enables you to securely store and access your sensitive personal and corporate information that would otherwise be kept in flat files, spreadsheets, notebooks, even Post-it Notes. Encrypted Password Repository utilizes sophisticated encryption technology to transform your sensitive information into meaningless strings of characters embedded within XML.

Your encrypted data can be only viewed by Encrypted Password Repository executable running on the same machine that created the repository file, and access to your data is always guarded by the password of your choosing. The application also comes with strong password generator and feature that helps you avoid typing long usernames and passwords by copying them directly to Windows Clipboard.

· Microsoft .NET Framework


· 14 days trial

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