Enigma protector Security Related Security for Windows

Software protection tool, for application protection
The Enigma Protector serves for software protection of applications. It defending your work from program crackers with state-of-the-art encryption, data compression, and other security features.

The Enigma Protector is a powerful application that provides creation trial and registered applications, with possibility of the checking mode parameters with help internal Enigma API functions. It allows you to design and add a complete software protection and registration-key system to your existing programs. It works with any language which produce Windows PE files. Enigma works with Win PE 32 executables (*.exe), screen savers (*.scr), dynamic libraryes (*.dll, *.ocx).
Here are some key features of “The Enigma Protector”:

· compression & encryption of file
application code emulation:
· file entry point protection (delete original code and replace it with polimorphic instructions)
· import table redirection
· advance force import protection
· emulation some WinAPI functions
· protection data section
· encryption section of application data
not crack” protection:
· anti-debuggers (as SoftIce, OlliDbg, TWD) protection
· control sum (CRC) checking
· trash instructions
· anti-tracing tricks
· memory anti- dumping, patching
· possibility to create trial applications
· trial time depend on number of executions, number of used days, until the date
· clock reversing control
· internal Enigma API for working with trial mode
· possibility to create registered application by means registration key(s)
· application keys locking
· time limited keys
· hardware locking keys


· You will not be able to use Encrypted sections, DLL attachment, Black list
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added Hardware ID checker, it allows to check content of hardware id strings
· Added License Manager instead of Registration Manager
· Added database importing in License Manager
· Added possibility to export keys generator for particular project into single execution file
· Added different output bases of registration keys, Base 2/8/16/32/64
· Added different types of safety/length of registration keys, safety/length is like RSA 512/768/1024/2048/3072/4096 bits
· Added Emulators Detect plugin
· Changed registration key algorithm from RSA to ECC
· Changed keygen.dll and it’s functions
· Improved projects’ examples
· Improved thread safety of main cipher algorithm
· Improved loading of functions for Virtual Machine
· Improved registration keys checking routine, it is much faster now
· Improved registration keys safety, maximum registration key safety is like RSA 4096 bits
· Improved project file, older created project files will not be supported anymore
· Improved registration scheme,…

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