Evidence Killer Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Evidence Killer removes all hidden evidence of activities on your PC.
Evidence Killer removes all hidden evidence of activities on your PC.

It can clean your browser`s cache, cookies, web form data, entries in recent documents, recent applications history, find files history, temp files, recycle bin and more.

Evidence Killer 2005 is a Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP disk clean up and security utility. Deleting a file normally just removes a file’s directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. When you delete a file, all that happens is that the first character in the file allocation (FAT) table is changed to reflect that it has been deleted.

At this point, it is still possible to undelete the file, with any number of tools, allowing a full recovery of the file. Evidence Killer 2005 completely eliminates the contents of these deleted files.

You can use Evidence Killer 2005 as a file shredder for your confidential files (registered users only) by dragging file from Explorer or other shell program (e.g. Windows Commander) and dropping it to Evidence Killer 2005 window! If you want a maximum of confidentiality, this is recommended method for deleting any of your files or folders.

WARNING! If you shred a file by mistake, you can’t recover it. You must use this program as a file shredder with extreme caution.

Evidence Killer 2005 is one of the world’s best computer hard drives cleansing tool!

How many times have you heard that some company has fired or disciplined a group of employees for distributing, downloading or saving etc pictures that were “pornographic or violent in nature”? Or for “inappropriate use of the internet.” Or for distribution of “inappropriate” e-mails?

Did you know… that your computer permanently keeps logs about you? Did you know that every click you make on Windows Start Menu is logged on a hidden database?

Deleting “internet cache and history”, will not protect you. Web pages, pictures, sounds, e-mails etc you have ever opened and deleted could be recovered! Do your children or spouse use your computer?

Use Evidence Killer 2005 and you can get your computer freed of unwanted files, therefore improving its speed, connectability and functionality! Evidence Killer 2005 can speed-up your PC and Internet browser, reclaim lost hard disk space and professionally clean your PC!

Protect yourself before it’s too late!

Did you know that most firms spy on employees? More than 73% of all companies admit they “record and review their employees’ communications and activities on the job.” Do you surf the Internet and send e-mail at work? Your work computer will be full of traces. It is common for companies to investigate the contents of employees computers – without their consent or knowledge.

This is totally legal! Your job could be at risk! People are losing their jobs right now because of their Internet activities in USA and the Europe. Use Evidence Killer 2005 and keep your computer safe, clean and faster! Even formatting your disk will not work; the sensitive data will still exists on your hard drive!

Evidence Killer 2005 can even protect you from forensic software as used by the US Secret Service, FBI etc. Forensic analysis equipment can recover data from parts of your hard drive that you thought were “empty”. With Evidence Killer 2005, you can fight against special overpriced forensic software and hardware and win!

Protect yourself with Evidence Killer 2005 before is too late!

Note: Best of all! Evidence Killer 2005 is designed so that it can work from a floppy disk. You can copy all files from install directory to a floppy disk, uninstall program, put diskette in drive A: and run Evidence Killer 2005. After cleaning, you can use “Save settings as reg file” (on A:) and “Uninstall” button.

Next time you want to use it, put diskette in drive A:, double-click on “Evidence Killer 2005 Settings.reg” file and start program (file DiskCln.exe). After cleaning, again use “Uninstall” button. So, nobody must to know that you have it. Pretty nice, isn’t it?

Protect yourself with Evidence Killer 2005 before is too late!

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