ExcelSentry Security Related Security for Windows

An application designed to help you secure your Excel spreadsheets in only three simple steps
ExcelSentry provides comprehensive and robust security for your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

It creates encoded versions of your spreadsheets, providing both:
· location security, meaning that only authorized users are able to use your spreadsheets
· content security, meaning that your spreadsheet formulas are encrypted so that not even authorized users can edit, copy or view them.

ExcelSentry employs innovative technology to achieve a solution
· is simple to use
· prevents unauthorized users from using your spreadsheet at all, yet allows authorized users to use your spreadsheet as normal
· provides persistent security wherever and whenever the spreadsheet is used
· incorporates strong encryption (essentially unbreakable)
· is independent of Excel’s native spreadsheet ‘protection’
· individually encrypts the spreadsheet formulas
· offers multiple authorization modes
· provides affordable rights management capabilities

Security is achieved by ‘encrypting’ some or all of the content such that workbooks are effectively useless without the special purpose ExcelSentry Client, with its authorization and decoder modules.

The result is that the original ‘plaintext’ formulas are not able to be viewed or edited by users, and are not even able to be used by Excel itself unless the necessary Client module and appropriate authorization factor(s) are present, in which case results of formula calculations are displayed and updated as normal.

With ExcelSentry you will be able to keep your Excel spreadsheets safe and secure.

Here are some key features of “ExcelSentry”:

· security that is in place wherever and whenever an encoded spreadsheet is used
· the facility to use an encoded spreadsheet as normal, while preventing the viewing, copying or editing of any encrypted formulas
· encoded spreadsheets that can be used at one location but not another security that prevents unauthorized users from using the spreadsheet at all
· an integrated decoder Client that works on any standard PC with minimal system overhead
· strong (128-bit AES/Rijndael) security (essentially unbreakable)
· independence from Excel’s native spreadsheet ‘protection’
· multiple authorization modes
· a solution that works for companies of all sizes
· encryption that is spreadsheet and company specific


· Excel 97, 2000, XP, 2003, or 2007 (with Excel 2007, ExcelSentry operates correctly only with spreadsheets that are compatible with Excel 2003)


· For non-commercial use only
· Encoded spreadsheets can only be used on the same PC they were encoded on.

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