Faronics Anti Executable Enterprise Security Related Security for Windows

Install, control, and manage workstations remotely
Building on the power of Anti-Executable Standard, Anti-Executable Enterprise provides IT professionals with centralized deployment and flexible management control.

Faronics Anti-Executable Enterprise allows system admninistrators to secure hundreds or even thousands of workstations across a local network or over the Internet.

The Anti-Executable Enterprise Console displays the status of all workstations on the network with Anti-Executable installed, and allows administrators to control individual or groups of workstations from a central or remote location.

Anti-Executable offers a revolutionary method to keep users on task and highly productive.

Using its unique whitelist technology, Anti-Executable standardizes any environment by preventing all unauthorized or unwanted programs from being installed, regardless of whether they are downloaded from the Internet or introduced via any removable media.

Anti-Executable provides total system control, restricting the user’s ability to run or install any new executable program. On install, Anti-Executable performs a deep scan of the computer and authorizes every executable on it. From that point on, any other executable program is deemed unauthorized and will not run or install.

Expanded Flexibility Options
Schedule automatic maintenance periods for Antivirus & Windows Updates
Disable keyboard and mouse on demand or during Maintenance periods
Install critical Windows Updates using Internet or SUS Server
Run custom batch file during Maintenance periods
Create passwords with variable expiration dates and times
Create up to 15 passwords to be assigned for use on the workstation or via the command line control
Automatically update pre-existing installation files

Enterprise Console
Rapidly install Anti-Executable on any or all workstations
Selectively activate/deactivate protection on one or more workstations
Manage and export log records of violation attempts
Change maintenance schedules on the fly
Restart or shutdown workstations
Manage workstations easily with User Defined Groups
Quickly populate groups with smart automatic filters
Instantly update passwords on protected workstations

Expanded Network Options
Communicate with workstations over a LAN, WAN or a combination
Power on workstations using Wake on LAN technology
Monitor complete workstation status across a LAN or WAN
Set a custom port number for use with the Enterprise Console

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