File Access Helper Security Related Security for Windows

A tool can log and deny access to files and registry keys on PC.
File Access Helper is an application which aloows users to secure their software and control files access. It can log and deny access to files and registry keys on PC. You can’t running,copying,opening,modifying,deleting, finding any document if you select the appropriate button.

The operation is that when a program is about to deal with a file or registry,File Access Helper is involved in.It will search the rules.And then it approve or deny the reading/writting operation.At last,the operation is logged in a file. e.g.For example,a virus program is going to infect your system files.

At the same monment,File Access Helper find the operation.Then the operation is denied.After you set some rules,all the process in your PC will be monitored.

Furthermore,it allow you to build own rule to protect files.You can build/edit/delete your own rule of course.Just drag your files/directories onto the corresponding button, then release your mouse.And so on.It is ease to use and conveniently.Indeed, it is a good assistant in proterting files.Why not choose it?Maybe your best choice is here!

Here are some key features of “File Access Helper”:

· Easy to use!Just drag the file or folder to the appropriate button!

Disable running a program/all programs:
· Disable copying any documents.
· Disable opening any documents.
· Disable modifying any documents.
· Disable deleting any documents.
· Disable finding any documents.
· Disable printing any documents.
Functions available for Users:

Add/Edit/Remove a File based Rule:
· The source of the rule is restricted to be *(all excutable files).
· The destination of the rule can be user-defined.
· Add/Remove system rules freely.
· Set the security level.
· Check/Review the real time access log, and custom the item colors.
· Jump to the soure/destination file displayed in the log property page.
· Edit any system rule.
· Add Registry based rules.
· Specify a program rather than * as the source of a rule.


· 2.9MB

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